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My first baby is a two year old American Pit Bull Terrier named Roxie Carol. Though details are sketchy, she seems to have been abandoned by her first family when they moved from their home in Providence, Rhode Island. This compassionate and forward-thinking family chained her to the fence and high-tailed it out of there. Neighbors saw her, but either through negligence or fear that calling the authorities would lead to euthanization (or both), nobody unchained her for two weeks. Finally, when her emaciated body and sad eyes must have been too much for someone to take, she was cut loose and, again, left to fend for herself. It wasn't until she was taken under the wing of a construction worker at a site she frequented upon her release from the fence that things began to improve for Rox. The construction worker knew of a woman named Sue in the Providence area whose calling was to rescue abandoned and abused Pit Bulls, and soon Sue had Roxie set up in a foster home with two other Pit Bulls and two loving foster parents. When her adoption notice was posted on Petfinder.com, I saw the ad and contacted Sue right away. The rest is history.

Roxie loves people with a wild eagerness that defies the fact she was once abandoned to the frigid March winds. Her tail wags ferociously whenever she sees old friends or potential new ones. My husband and I can already see the bond forming between her and our newborn as Roxie lays her head in Tolby's blanketed lap or stands guard next to Tolby's stroller on walks through the park. It breaks my heart to think of Roxie's rocky start, but I am so grateful to have the opportunity to make sure the rest of her life is comfortable--giving her shade when it's hot out, warmth and cuddles when it's cold, and all the dog treats and cheese slices she can handle. We would prefer that she stay out of the garbage cans, though, and ask that she leaves the breast pads and diapers alone :)


Anonymous Roxie Carol said...

Certainly your best writing yet! Although I do think your dog could handle some more treats.

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