Daddy's Little Girl

You know, I talk some serious shit about my husband. A lot of that revolves around the fact that I find strife and aggravation a whole lot more entertaining than romantic sap. He knows this about me and, to a certain strange degree, I think he likes it. We don't sugarcoat things. Not only are our drinking glasses half empty, but they're grimy to boot, on account of the fact that I can't wash dishes to save my life. We're straight talkers. We see reality, we report it, and then we tell you why we think it's completely f---ed up. So, I don't think it would really surprise my husband to know that I regale my friends with stories of his...well...peccadillos.

Not that I'm not going to report any of those personality flaws here. I mean, he reads this blog, for Pete's sake. Besides, he's heard it all before. What he hasn't heard with anywhere near as much frequency is how much I love him. This is what we call being "schmoopy," a bastardization of a Seinfeld episode where the term was employed to describe public displays of affection.

Chris is a Jack of All Trades, and a masterful one, at that. In his spare time, he replaces car engines, builds fences (slowly), exterminates rodents, sweeps chimneys, cleans furnaces, repairs busted pipes (that freeze because he keeps the house so damn cold), and does a host of other activities that keep the house running smoothly. He is determined and thorough, making other men seem like empty ball sacs in comparison.

He is sweet. He says he loves me, and he acts on it by always putting me first. He gets really happy when I laugh. He massages my head and back for hours just to get me to stay on the couch with him while he watches WRC Rally recaps on Speed TV. He cried when they wheeled me in from the operating room as he handed me our newborn baby.

I love my husband more than anyone else in this world, bar none. That's probably a dangerous thing for me to admit as a mother, daughter and sister with allegiances to so many more people than just him.

Just him. That's funny. As if he wasn't absolutely everything to me. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Roxie Carol said...

Chris has peccadillos? That bastard. Why hasn't he given me any? I sat by the table looking hungry and didn't get a single peccadillo. Why, I oughta pee in his shoe just for that.

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Dad said...

You're all a bunch of empty ball sacs. That's all I have to say.

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does your hubby know about the trash you post about him on the Nest?

He sounds like a real ass.

11:55 AM  

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