I don't have any close friends. That is not to say I don't have good friends--what I mean is that none of them live anywhere near me. Ranging from 40 to 1400 miles away, these men and women all have the good sense to steer clear of northeastern Connecticut. While I applaud them for their foresight, I can't help but wish I could have them all in close range like I used to. There was Kelly from the beginning; Jess, Sarah and Mike growing up; Sarah L., Jene and Amy at college; and all the friends I've made through my husband in those scattered, post-college years.

It takes a lot of shared history to cement friendships that can stand the test of time. Histories like this:

Reading Jess's diary without her permission and then telling her she looked like Medusa when she called me on it.

Fighting with Kelly, watching her throw all my clothes out her bedroom window, getting over it, and taking pictures.

Visiting Sarah in beautiful Troy, NY...seriously, I love that place.

Life on freshman hall 3B with Sarah L. (obviously a blog entry--or fifty--unto itself)

Dancing on the bar in NYC with Amy after the State-Troopers-cum-tour-guides dropped us off and before they picked us up again.

Getting kicked out of the bar with Jene on New Year's Eve after I decided that public bathrooms should not fall into the separate-but-equal category.

Challenging Sean to a race in Alex's algae-and-who-knows-what-else-infested pond (naked).

It saddens me to be so removed from the wonder and excitement that is my crazy group of friends. Settling into a new life has its advantages, to be sure, but the down side is that these old friends aren't right there with me. Instead of going down the hall, across town, or a few exits up the Interstate, I must make do with scattered visits that stuff a lifetime of memories into one or two days.

Back home, I think about how I really need to meet new people, and I wonder if there could possibly be anyone in this town as amazing and fun as the friends I've already made.

There probably is. I attract crazies.


Anonymous Roxie Carol said...

But now you have a dog. What else do you need?

8:01 PM  
Blogger Jene said...

I SO understand what you're talking about. I miss you!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

I miss you and know you will meet some wonderful friends as well as crazy! There were definitely some good times we had!

9:05 AM  

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