This is how Tolby was NOT feeling this weekend.

Tolby got her first cold this weekend. At first I thought it was good, old fashioned gas brought on by the pound of lime flavored tortilla chips I ate, but I came to realize that was only part of it. The rest of her discomfort arrived via the common cold. This is not surprising when you consider the runny-nosed toddlers who regularly get in her face at the various mother's group functions I attend. Other people's children are cute, and they are sweet in their adoration of babies, but it makes me twitch when their faces, hands and bacteria-infested toys are placed anywhere near my daughter. Such is life, though, and to sequester the baby (and therefore myself) inside the house from fall through spring just to avoid germs would drive me far more crazy than a few colds ever could--"a few" being 4 to 6 per year, according to the parenting books I ran to at the first sign of drippy mucous and the accompanying crying spells.

Tolby's grandparents visited yesterday, but she could only be consoled by her father or me (in my capacity as milk factory). It was so sweet to see Chris elicit a smile out of that red-rimmed and stuffed up face. When I asked him to grab a bib for her and to make sure it matched her outfit, he brought down the pink one that read "I Love My Daddy." And she really does. It's amazing to see the love one baby can have for another person with nipples that can't be milked (I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?--Meet the Parents).

Anyway, she's sleeping now, and slept soundly through most of the night. Hopefully her immune system is kicking into high gear. You never know if those Asian birds will decide to fly West for the winter. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Roxie Carol said...

I have 12 nipples. Could you milk me?

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found this great book that is such a good read for new moms.

The Mommy Manual: Navigating the First Year in the Life of Your Newborn by Joanne Ruscella.

I found it so helpful, it has these short chapters, so i could read it while multitasking.

The author is as neuortic as I was with my first daughter. She talks about how its ok to go to your pediatrician as many times as you feel necessary. And the tips and tricks were things I really hadn't read in the other standard Parenting books.

Good Luck with Tolby and her cold!

Shannon O'D.

1:04 AM  

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