Things that are good:

The new sitcom, How I Met Your Mother:
If you're a twenty-something, whether married, engaged or single, you'll be able to relate. It's filled with hilarious pop culture references and characters boiling over with modern day idiosyncracies. It's well written and well acted.

Edy's Slow Churned Rich & Creamy Light Ice Cream:
It's calorically light, yet rich and creamy. Need I say more?

Things that are bad:

Vonage phone service:
The fact that it's a new technology is very apparent. It will often ring once on the receiving end and then start blowing static into the ear of the caller. When a call actually gets through, reception is iffy. My husband made a few adjustments with the set up that helped a bit, but I am still far from loving it. It might be a good option one day, but not today.

Huggies diapers:
Hate 'em! See below post about the great diaper debacle. That is not the only problem we've had, either. Excrement has been known to escape from the scratchy plastic indiscriminately. However, I realize that diaper preferences are strangely subjective, and that what binds one baby up but good could leave another baby sitting in a brown puddle. Sorry, I call it like I see it...and occasionally feel it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can you recommend Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream? Did you know it's a genetically modified food?
It's made using a protein from an arctic fish - I hardly think this stuff is healthy or ethically sound.
New York TImes did an article on it just last month.

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